La Viñuela:
Old Village House to restore

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Living Space150 m²
Plot0 m²
Price23.000 €


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The property The property


This house is located in the village center.

There are 3 floors, water connection and electricity are available. All rooms have to be renovated. The division of the rooms can be redesigned. At the moment are the kitchen and bathroom on the lower floor, as well as there three other rooms. On the second and third floors there are 2 ½ and 1 ½ rooms respectively.


The from the side The from the side

The house is from the 16th century the foundation walls and walls are preserved, the roof partly still completely. It is an old village house and interesting project to reform.


Entrance Entrance

The main core of the village of La Viñuela was built in the 16th century. Around a former inn. Today it is a lively village with shops, restaurants, banks, town hall and medical center. The coast at Velez-Malaga is half an hour and Malaga about an hour away. The lake Pantano La Viñuela forms the valley and is the largest of the province of Malaga. There are water port facilities, as well as recreation areas with grills, mini golf and a soccer field. With a fishing card you can catch carp or barbels here. The surrounding area is dominated by the surrounding sierra with vast natural parks and the 2000 m high Maroma, the highest mountain in the province.

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  • The steps The steps
  • Room 1. floor Room 1. floor
  • Room 3. floor Room 3. floor
  • Room 2. floor Room 2. floor
  • Room 2. floor Room 2. floor
  • 3. floor 3. floor
  • The house from behind The house from behind

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